Celebrating a life recently past but not all who want to can attend?

KOR Funeral Live Streams are a team of professional videographers and broadcasters that can travel to your service venue and set up a multi-cam live stream.

Prior to the service, we create a personalized private link with a beautiful photo that you can use to invite those that cannot attend for whatever reason.

Reminders and a countdown timer ensure friends and family of the deceased can tune in live or they can watch from the beginning of the service at anytime after it has started.

If required, if a virtual attendee wishes to speak we can arrange for this to happen on a supplied screen.

Funeral Live Streaming

Price Inclusive of GST*
$ 920
  • Coverage of Service
  • Coverage of Guest Arrival
  • Private Streaming Link
  • Custom Invite Page
  • 2 Cameras
  • 2 Operators
  • 2 Microphones

Additional Cost

*Travel costs apply outside of Auckland.